Our team

Family Practitioner Dr Riina Tomson

Graduated University of Tartu 1988. with a medical doctor degree in Pediatrics. Specialization to Family Doctor 2001-2004. Still very fond of working with children.


Family Practitioner Dr Marge Leetma    

 Family Practitioner Dr Kadi Tomson

Graduated University of Tartu with Degree in Medicine in 2014. After that working in Finland from 2014 to 2020 in more than 15 healthcare centers and in local and university hospitals as a General Physician and as an attending Physician in the ER department, acquiring large experience in solving acute and extraordinary problems, still continuing clinical work and doing shifts in emergency medicine department in Finland. I also do minor surgery and gynecological procedures.
Residency in Family Medicine by University of Tartu was completed in 2020.


 Family Medicine Resident Dr Merilin Mitt

Merilin graduated from University of Tartu in 2014 with a degree in Medicine, then worked 5,5 years in Finland as a doctor. In 2020 she started Residency in Tartu University in Family Medicine and working in our clinic. Doing sports and being in nature are what she enjoys most after work.


Family Nurse Mariliis

To me being a nurse is a continuous process with emphasis on focusing on the patient, showing empathy and respectfulness towards the patient. My work is a great passion to me and part of my lifestyle. I graduated from Tallinn Healthcare College in 2019 and have been working as a Family Nurse already from the final year of my studies.

Family Nurse Kristina Topkina


Family Nurse Karmo

I started working as a paramedic in Tallinn Ambulance in 2010 and as my interest in Medicine grew, I went to Tallinn Health Care School to study nursing, which I graduated in 2016. Since 2017 I have been working as a Nurse–Team leader in the ambulance, participated in various training and studied independently. My biggest strengths are my friendliness and empathy. I’m easy to talk to and together we’ll find a solution to your problem.


Family Nurse Liliana

Liliana graduated from Tallinn Healthcare College in 2021. She has also worked in Synlab as procedure nurse, she is gentle when taking blood and can also handle the smallest patients. She joined our team in June 2020. For her it is important to be empathic, friendly, honest and patient-focused in her work. She is kind and caring by nature.


Family Nurse Kaisa Ristol


Family Nurse Kairi Ansper


Family Nurse Karin

Karin has graduated Tallinn Healthcare College as nurse in 2011. After that she worked long time in dr Riina Tomson’s practice and now you can meet her from time to time also in Dr Tomson’s Family practice. Karin is in her work and as a person very honest, caring and responsible. After work she likes to challenge herself in sports and adventurous travels she undertakes.