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Our team

Family doctor/head of the clinic Dr Kadi Tomson

Graduated University of Tartu with Degree in Medicine in 2014 and Residency in Family Medicine in 2020, 2022 acquired MBA degree from TalTech. Intense working experience from Finland from 2014 to 2021 from more than 15 healthcare centers and  hospitals and as an attending Physician in the ER department, large experience in solving acute and extraordinary problems. Member of Tallinn Family Doctors Association Board.

I believe there is a solution to any problem.


Family doctor/head of the clinic Dr Riina Tomson

Graduated University of Tartu 1988. with a medical doctor degree in Pediatrics. Specialization to Family Doctor 2001-2004. Still very fond of working with children.


Family Practitioner Dr Anna Makina – working with both patient lists

Dr Makina obtained medical degree from University of Tartu in 2016 and finished specialization in Family Medicine in 2019. From 2016 she has worked in family medicine. She likes to gain new knowledge and skills in the field whenever possible and deals with patients of all age groups. She is especially keen on internal medicine, gynecology, paediatrics and mental health issues.


Family Medicine Resident Dr Merilin Mitt

Merilin graduated from University of Tartu in 2014 with a degree in Medicine, then worked 5,5 years in Finland as a doctor. In 2020 she started Residency in Tartu University in Family Medicine and working in our clinic. Doing sports and being in nature are what she enjoys most after work.


General Practitioner Katri Elias

DR. Elias graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu in 2019 and after that have worked in family medicine centres. Katri considers it is important to work on health and to establish human contact with the patient.



Family Medicine Resident Dr Kati Koost

I graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at University of Tartu in 2019. During my studies I worked at Ida-Tallinn Central Hospitals Emergency department as assistant nurse and assistant doctor. After graduation I worked half a year at a Healthcare Centre in Tallinn and then worked in Finland at a Healthcare Centre, Childrens Clinic and at an Emergency department. I like to deal with patients of different ages and also enjoy doing minor surgical procedures. I believe that every person can do a lot to improve their health and in cooperation with a family doctor solutions can be found for every problem.

Family Medicine Resident Dr Dagmar Rüütel

Dagmar has graduated from University of Tartu in medicine in 1998, after that finished internship and residency in clinical pharmacology. She has worked in the medical field in public as well as private sector. From 2021 she has started her residency in Family Medicine.


Family Nurse Margarita

Nurse Margarita graduated Tallinn Healthcare College in 2012. She has worked in surgical departments and Blood Centre, but already in 2013 she discovered that Family Medicine is the coolest area in Healthcare where she can continuously improve her knowledge and skills and therefore she finds her work as family nurse the most close to her heart.


Family Nurse Aljona

I started my nurse’s career by entering Tallinn Health Care College in 2005 and already in 2006 the practical part started in the intensive care unit of the North Estonian Regional Hospital. I have worked for a long time in the internal medicine department and also have experience in the field of occupational health, but my passion is to be a family nurse, whom I have already worked for 4 years. I am convinced that a nurse is not just an extension of a doctor, but an equal partner and graduate of higher education in nursing. I am an extremely helpful and solution-oriented person and I try to help the patient to get the help he or she wants and needs, even if it goes beyond my responsibilities.


Family Nurse Angelina (on maternal leave)


Family Nurse Kaisa

My working experience in medical field started in 2009. I have since then worked in Tallinn Children`s Hospital, Ambulance, Family Medicine practice and East Tallinn Central Hospital  Eye Clinic. Every experience has been unique and given me invaluable opportunity to  work with people in different age groups and different problems. I like that every day it is possible to learn something new and exciting, because in medicine there is opportunity for endless self-development. It is heartwarming to feel when patient is happy with my work and gets the help they need.



Family nurse Agne

Graduated Tallinn Healthvare College in 2023. Speciality: podiatry. Always willing to help and patient-oriented to find solutions. 


Midwife  Kairi

I graduated Tallinn Health Care College in 2020 as midwife. You will find me in Delivery as well as Antenatal or Pospartum Department of West Tallinn Hospital where I try to give comfort and support to women and their families in their most important  task in life. In 2021 I started working in Dr Tomson Family Medicine Clinic to support women during their life and also counseling the whole family. At the same time I try to educate myself continuosly, at the moment I am exploring the colourful world of nutrioning.



Family Nurse Karin (on maternal leave)

Karin has graduated Tallinn Healthcare College as nurse in 2011. After that she worked long time in dr Riina Tomson’s practice and now you can meet her from time to time also in Dr Tomson’s Family practice. Karin is in her work and as a person very honest, caring and responsible. After work she likes to challenge herself in sports and adventurous travels she undertakes.


Family Nurse Keiu

I did my first steps in medicine as a kid when all my dolls and teddy bears were cured. In 2005 I graduated Tartu Healthcare College as a nurse. I have worked in emergency care as well as neurology departments and in children`s hospital and in public sector.  In my work I emphasize patient-centered care and noticing possible issues regarding mental and psychological problems.

I am helpful and responsible. I believe in goodness and that all problems can be solved.


Family Nurse Pille

I am a nurse with many years of experience and my goal is to provide patients with timely and prompt nursing care. I studied nursing at Tartu Medical School, which I graduated in 1993. This was followed by advanced studies in the field of nursing at Tallinn Health Care College, which I graduated in 2004. I have gained my practical experience working as a brigade leader in an ambulance and in emergency medicine and radiology departments. These experiences have given me a lot of skills and knowledge for working with patients and most importantly – the ability to “see the invisible”. I consider the period of the Eurovision Song Contest in Estonia, where I was the only responsible healthcare worker for a month, to be the biggest challenge. Since my greatest dream in childhood was to become a doctor, now, being an independent nurse, I do my work with great dedication and rejoice with the healed patients who have entrusted their health care to me.


Clinical Assistant Kersti

I do my work with a heart full of care, respect and joy. At the family medical center, I help all family doctors and family nurses in every way, so that they can devote themselves to helping patients.


Physiotherapist Darya 

In 2022, I graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in physiotherapy and I am engaged in assessing and restoring the function of human movements. The main goal of my work is to help find solutions to various problems of the skeletal muscles and nervous system and to return a person to normal life and working environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. I gained experience in both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, where I faced diseases of varying severity.