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Teenuse kirjeldusHind koos KM-ga
Töökohale (tõend + röntgen)25 €
Toiduainetega töötajad (salmonella + shigella + rtg + tõend)40 €
Loomapidajad (salmonella + shigella + kampylobakter + rtg + tõend)50 €
Relvaloa pikendamine, taotlemine25 €
Juhilubade pikendamine, taotlemine25 €
Tõend kõrgkooli, kutsekooli, laagrisse, basseini, spordiklubile10 €
Tõend välisriiki, pangale, võõrkeelne tõend20 €
Tõend kindlustusele20 €
Tõend kohtule30 €
Saatekirja duplikaat5 €

For our clinic list patients with Estonian health insurance (Haigekassa/Tervisekassa)

Pricelist from 01.05.2023

To workplace (certificate + lung x-ray)35€
Restaurant/food industry workers (salmonella + shigella + x-ray + certificate)65€
Workers with direct contact of food/cooks/farm workers (salmonella + shigella + campylobacteria + x-ray + certificate)90€
Certificate for guns50€
Driving licence certificate I cat (A,B) /II cat (C,D,E)35/50€
Certification for university, sports camp, sports club, etc50€
Certificate in foreign language (ENG, FIN)50€
Certificate for insurance, bank, court50€
Nurse’s certificate25€

Copy of document/printing of health declaration

Cryotherapy (nurse)



Doctor’s comments about analysis and exams not ordinated from our clinic/done by patients own will40€

Without Haigekassa insurance/patients outside our patient list

Pricelist from 01.05.2023

For patients outside our list we provide services only with pre-registration and according to our personnel resources.

To workplace (certificate + lung x-ray)45€
Restaurant/food industry workers (salmonella + shigella + x-ray + certificate)75€
Workers with direct contact of food/cooks/farm workers (salmonella + shigella + campylobacteria + x-ray + certificate)100€
Certificate for guns75€
Driving licence certificate I cat (A,B) /II cat (C,D,E)50/75€
Other medical certificates50€
Family doctors appointment 15min/30min50/80€
Family nurse’s appointment 15min/30min25/35€
Represcribing medicine15€
Consultation via phone/e-mail/skype nurse/doctor15/30€
Midwife appointment (outside HPV screening program) 30min40€
Midwife’s appointment for HPV screening program patientsfree of charge
Nutritional consultation with nutritionist (not diabetes, no speciality diseases) 30min40€
Blood samples – according to Synlab price list, requires nurse’s or doctor’s appointment 
Intramuscular injection with patient’s medicine15€

Ingrown toenail’s initial treatment and consultation with podiatric nurse


Patients outside our patient list/procedures done without Tervisekassa indication

Opening abscesses, mini-surgical procedure100 €
Removal of birthmarks 1-3 pcs100 €

Removal of birthmarks (unlimited, one hour)

Chryotherapy 1 procedure (1 place)

250 €


Speciality surgeon’s consultation (general, paediatric) 30 min90€
Consultation via phone/e-mail/skype nurse/doctor20/40 €
Represcribing medicine:15 €

Rebanding/bandage materials

Intra-articular injection (knee, shoulder) 

24h blood pressure Holter monitoring

24h ECG arrythmia Holter monitoring

Transcranial direct current treatment for depression, anxiety, chronic pain 1 treatment /15 treatments, requires 1 doctor’s appointment before starting the treatment and 1-2 nurse’s appointments for evaluation

20 €
50 € + medicine




Other services

Description Price
Revaccination against diptheria+tetanus (only with pre-booking) free of charge
Vaccination against pneumococcus, price depends on vaccine 72€- 80

Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis/1 shot

40 €
Flu/Influenza vaccine 15 €/ right now free of charge!

Ask about other possible services and vaccines in our centre by inquiry.

Free influenza vaccination: 

60 years and older people

children aged 6 months to 7 years (inclusive) 

8-19-year-old children and adolescents at increased risk due to their health condition who belong to the influenza risk group (children and adolescents with a higher risk of severe illness due to their health condition, such as those with cardiovascular diseases, oncological diseases, immunodeficiency, diabetes, or obstructive pulmonary disease)

pregnant women

UPDATE: right now you can get a flu vaccine without charge. Please book an appoinment for nurse visit!