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We are open from
Mo-Fri 8-18

Ülemiste Health Centre | Valukoja 7/ 2, Tallinn, 4. floor

From 01.01.2024, dr. Marge Leetma welcomes patients at Mustamäe Health Center, Ehitajate tee 27, 3rd floor.
Mustamäe and Nõmme Family Medical Center.
Tel. 659 8043, pereõde 659 8051


We are open from Mo-Fri 8-18

Ülemiste Health Centre | Valukoja 7/ 2, Tallinn, 4. floor

From 01.01.2024, dr. Marge Leetma welcomes patients at Mustamäe Health Center, Ehitajate tee 27, 3rd floor.
Mustamäe and Nõmme Family Medical Center.
Tel: 659 8043, nurse 6598051


Apr 24

April 7, 2024

Dr. Tomson Tervisekeskuse lahtiolekuajad:

15.04.2024 - 8.00- 18.00, k.a. telefoniliin 16.04.2024 - 08.00- 18.00, k.a. telefoniliin 17.04.2024 - 08.00- 18.00, k.a. telefoniliin 18.04.2024 -...

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Mar 24

March 12, 2024

Meie keskuse uued spetsialistid!

Tomson Tervisekeskuses alustasid tööd uued spetsialistid: Füsioterapeut Darja Izjumova juurde on oodatud patsiendid erinevate luu-lihas- ja närvisüsteemi probleemidega. Esmane vastuvõtt...

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Dec 23

December 16, 2023

Lp. Dr. Marge Leetma patsiendid!

Alates 01.01.2024 võtab dr. Marge Leetma patsiente vastu Mustamäe Tervisekeskuses, Ehitajate tee 27, III korrus "Mustamäe ja Nõmme PAK". Telefon: registratuur 659 8043; pereõde...

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Dec 22

December 9, 2022


By Kadi

Praegu on liikvel palju viirushaigusi. Palume viirusinfektsiooni sümptomite korral enne vastuvõttu perearstikeskust teavitada ja kui olete muul põhjusel registreeritud vastuvõtule,...

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Sep 22

September 8, 2022


By Kadi

Alates 23.09.2022 on Dr.Tomson Perearstikeskuses kasutusel rakendus e-Perearstikeskus, kus on mugav pikendada püsiravimite retsepte, teatada haigestumisest ja töövõimetuslehe vajadusest, leppida...

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Sep 21

September 22, 2021

Gripi vastu saavad nüüd kõik vanusegrupid vaktsineerida tasuta!

By Kadi

Dr. Tomson Perearstikeskus pakub tasuta gripivaktsiini kõikidele vanuserühmadele. Vajalik eelregistreerimine!

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NB! Since a very large number of people have expressed their wish to join the new list of the Tomson Family Medical Centre, it will take longer than expected to review and approve the applications.



New specialists started working at Tomson Health Centre:

  • Physiotherapist Darya Izjumova welcomes patients with various problems of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. The initial appointment is recommended either to the family nurse or to the family doctor, who will help identify the problem and refer you to a physiotherapist. The service is offered only to patients of Dr. Tomson Health Center.
  • Mental health specialist Andreani Reeder is expected for an initial appointment with Dr. Tomson Health Centre`s patients with mental complaints, suspicion of depression or other mental health issues. Also, a mental health specialist can give recommendations on medication.

dr. Tomson Health Centre working hours this week:

15.04.20248.00- 18.00, incl. telephone line

16.04.202408.00- 18.00, incl. telephone line

17.04.202408.00- 18.00, incl. telephone line

18.04.202408.00- 18.00, incl. telephone line

19.04.202408.00- 16.00, incl. telephone line

For emergency assistance, please contact the nearest EMD. If you need advice on medical issues on weekends and public holidays, you can call the Family Doctor’s Advice Line-1220.

Outside working hours please contact us though e-Perearstikeskus:


Dear patients of dr. Marge Leetma!

From 01.01.2024, Dr. Marge Leetma welcomes patients at Mustamäe Health Centre, Ehitajate tee 27, III floor “Mustamäe ja Nõmme PAK”.

Phone: registration 659 8043; family nurse 6598051


E- approach:


There are lots of viruses spreading at the moment. In case you are registered to nurse’s or doctor’s appointment for other reason and you have upper respiratory viral infection symptoms, please inform the family clinic before the appointment and postpone the appointment. In case you have ongoing infection and you are registered for check-up with this disease, it is obligatory to wear a face mask. This way you will protect other people and also our personnel from falling ill and we can help you better. The treatment of viral infectious is symptomatic. When calling to Family Clinic, nurse will assess you health condition by phone and give instructions for symptomatic treatment and when to contact us again. Symptomatic treatment instructions can also be found:

Home care guide for an adult patient (

Thank You!


E-Perearstikeskus (e- Family Clinic)

From 23.09.2022 e-Perearstikeskus is used in our clinic as an alternative for the phone. You can log in into e-Perearstikeskus with your mobile-ID, ID card or smart-ID and send your inquiry about prescriptions, sick leaves or sick leaves for the kid, health questions etc through the app. The questions will be answered during one working day. For your own security reasons and data protection, health questions will not be discussed via e-mail after 01.01.2023.

Information about vaccinations

This autumn, the Expert Committee on Immunoprophylaxis recommends vaccination against COVID-19 for risk groups of 60+ age and children and adults with at-risk diseases. This is if they have more than 6 months since their last vaccination or COVID-19 infection.

The Expert Committee on Immunoprophylaxis recommends that elderly people and people with risk diseases who are still at risk of serious illness get vaccinated against COVID-19 this autumn. Boosting doses are no longer counted and COVID-19 suffering is equal to a single dose.

COVID-19 and influenza vaccines can also be given together on the same day, only injections should be given in a different shoulder.


Influenza vaccine is free of charge now.

If you would like to get vaccination against flu, we can offer it free of charge right now. Please book an appointment!


Midwife and HPV testing.

From 1st July it is possible to come and registrate pregnancy with our midwife Kairi. Also, for women in certain age groups we are doing testing and for HPV. ( You can also consult in other areas of Women Health as well as nutritioning.


Information regarding coronavirus.

We only serve patients with pre-registration, please register by phone or e-mail to appointment and bring a mask when you come to the Health Centre. In case of upper respiratory tract symptoms, please contact us asap and you can be tested for coronavirus. In case you had contact with corona-positive person, you are handled by Terviseamet – more info on


Dr.Tomson Family Doctors Practice

Our aim is to provide our patients with professional high-quality medical aid. We are focused on preventive work as well as consulting patients with their health concerns from newborns to elderly.

We wish our patients to be healthy, happy and satisfied!


Kasulikud infonumbrid

annab Teile nõu eesti ja vene keeles siis, kui Teie perearstikeskus ei ole kättesaadav.

TERVISEAMETI info 6943500




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Tallinn public transport

Seli – Sõjamäe (bus stop: Dvigatel or Kaubajaama)
Marsruut: Ümera tn, Laagna tee, J.Smuuli tee, Punane tn, Pae tn, Peterburi tee, Suur-Sõjamäe tn


Viru keskus – Sõjamäe (bus stop: Dvigatel or Kaubajaama)
Marsruut: Viru keskus, Teatri väljak, Rävala pst, Tartu mnt, Suur-Sõjamäe tn

Väike-Õismäe – Ülemiste (bus stop: Dvigatel or Kaubajaama)
Marsruut: Õismäe tee, A.H.Tammsaare tee, Ehitajate tee, Pärnu mnt, Järvevana tee, Suur-Sõjamäe tn

Viimsi keskus – Lennujaam (bus stop: Kaubajaama or Dvigatel)
Marsruut: Ravi tee, Randvere tee, Ranna tee, Merivälja tee, Kloostrimetsa tee, Pärnamäe tee, Ussimäe tee, K.Kärberi tn, Laagna tee, J.Smuuli tee, Suur-Sõjamäe tn, Lennujaama tee

Lasnamäe – Lennujaam (bus stop: Kaubajaama or Dvigatel)
Marsruut: Mustakivi tee, Mahtra tn, Raadiku tn, Ümera tn, Ussimäe-Kärberi ühendus, Linnamäe tee, Mustakivi tee, Narva mnt, Liikuri tn, Varraku tn, Punane tn, J.Smuuli tee, Suur-Sõjamäe tn, Lennujaama tee

NB! Since 01.02.2024 the parking arrangements in front of Ülemiste Health House have changed in connection with construction works.

Please read more about the parking scheme by clicking on the link: