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Patient info


Information about Estonian Healthcare system

To register for family doctor, you must submit a signed application The application must be submitted in Estonian, for an example you can use English translation of the form.

You have to fill in the form in Estonian and send it to

  • For driving licence medical certificate, please fill in digital Health Declaration on website and after completing it please book time for the Nurse`s appointment. 
  • E-mails are answered in five working days. With urgent problem, please call us. In case the line is busy, we recommend sending e-mail and we try to answer as quickly as possible.                                                         
  • Sick leave can be opened from the day you contacted us, when it is weekend, please send e-mail if you have fallen ill and you have working day.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Besides your family doctor that you have signed to, another family doctor, resident doctor or substitute doctor might see you when booking appointment. It is our mission to guarantee that your problem will be solved in time and professionally.
  • Wednesday is in our clinic the day for babies`and kids profylactic visits and vaccinations.


Important numbers

Information about emergency situation-

Information regarding Covid vaccines and vaccinations: 

Creating your COVID-19 certificate: 

1247 – hotline provides information about the emergency situation in Estonia (24h, free)

5301 9999 – hotline for consular assistance (24h)

1220 – Medical advice and family doctor consultation (answers in English every day from 3-5 pm)

112 –  Emergency line for ambulance, police and rescue workers in case of an immediate threat (24h, free)


More information: Estonian social insurance  – booking test for Covid-19 – about vaccinations (including Covid-19) – digital health card, including doctor`s visits, analysis, exams, driver`s licence health declaration form)

In order to apply for driver`s licence in Estonia, please fill in the health declaration form at and then book appointment with us. – Ultrasound exams in Ülemiste Tervisemaja – Information about the services provided in Ülemiste Healh centre