Book time for HPV screening with midwife!



We are open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8-18, Wednesday and Friday 8-16.

You must always book a time in advance to get an appointment with the Nurse or a Doctor, you can either call, send an e-mail or your inquiry through our website and describe the problem.
For our patients in the List, the Nurse’s or Doctor’s appointment is free of charge, for patients not insured by Haigekassa you can find the price list on Services page.
Your first contact in calling the Clinic is Family Nurse, who would evaluate your condition, gives consultation and if necessary will find an appointment time for the Family Nurse or Doctor. We are one team and even at the nurse’s appointment the doctor can come and consult if necessary.
If you come to the appointment with multiple Family Members, we ask you to book a time for each member as well a time for each separate problem. Then we have enough time to deal with everything and help you most.

Besides your family doctor that you have signed to, another family doctor, resident doctor or substitute doctor might see you when booking appointment. It is our mission to guarantee that your problem will be solved in time and professionally.

In case you are not able to come to the previously arranged Appointment, be sure to cancel beforehad, otherwise the Clinic has a right to charge you with 20€ fine.

Prescriptions are ready from one to three working days.

E-mails are answered in five working days. With urgent problem, please call us. In case the line is busy, we recommend sending e-mail and we try to answer as quickly as possible.


Laboratory is open from 8-15:30. 

X-ray is open Mo, We, Thu, Fri 8-16, Tu 8:30-17:30.

In case you or your child would fall ill and need a sick leave for your employer, make sure to contact the Clinic on the first day of your absence from work. In case you don’t do that, we cannot give you sick leave from the previous days. More information about the system and compensations about sick leave and absence from work is here

When the Clinic is closed and you need medical advice, then you can call : 1220